Corporate branding

Corporate branding for a publishing house.
This publisher continued a series of disruptive copy-writing with memorable visuals for over 10 years, using newspaper as its only media outlet.
This corporate advertisement kept its focus on social themes such as “the 2007 issue” of mass retirement of DANKAI generation, the confusion in the national diet represented as “a department store of suspicions,” the attention towards “gray power” and age-free society, which were all the most spotlighted topics of the society.

Print / Newspaper


  • CD: Shinsuke Kasahara
    CD/CW: Tomomi Maeda
    AD: Gen Ishii
    D: Tatsuya Oguchi, Daisuke Nagai, Norihisa Yamaguchi, Tomonori Hayashi
    P: Yoshihiko Ueda, Zofia Raczkowska, Tetsuya Morimoto, Mikiya Takimoto
    St: Koichiro Yamamoto