Creative company established in 2011 by art director, Gen Ishii.
Our art direction services vary in wide range from visual identification for advertising campaign to graphics and design, and the actual product development.
Our work style is flexible depending on the project. At times we utilize our network with other creators to form a unit, and at others join directly with our clients
or other companies to reach maximum results.
The sole code we live by is “Stay hungry, stay foolish.”


Gen Ishii
Creative Director / Art Director
Born in 1969.
B.A. in Visual Communication Design, Musashino Art University.
Worked at Hakuhodo Inc., and in 2005 joined Kaze to Ballad Inc.
Established Neandertal Inc. in 2011.

Tokyo ADC Awards / Asahi Advertising Award / Mainichi Advertisement Design Competition / Nikkei Advertising Awards – Grand Prix / Transit Advertising Awards – Grand Prix / 50th ACC CM FESTIVAL – Marketing Effectiveness Category Grand Prix


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    Gen Ishii
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